My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

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6 months down…

6 to go!!!

Last Wednesday, one of my young women was exceptionally excited for me, thinking this month’s Temple trip would be my first. When I told her I’ve only been baptized for 6 months, she looked kind of sad but then asked “Why didn’t you join sooner!?”

I’ve asked myself the same thing repeatedly and a quarter of the conscience gives me very lousy excuses. I can’t even remember really what reasons I had back then for resisting trying it out.

Live long & Prosper!!♥



*eyes, nostrils and skin being burned by tiger balm fumes* I’m soooo sick *coughhackdies*

But, today is a good day (to die? Sorry, my Klingon is showing ;D) Today is my one month anniversary…Of being baptized! *celebrates*

Live long & Prosper!♥