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I am in way too good of a mood.

Quite a fascinating load of bunk posted by a ‘john doe’ on one of my posts as a comment. I love how it doesn’t back anything up for the first half.

I could quote and argue my heart out, however I’m short on time, but this made me LOL. In an answer about Smith’s first vision “I do not believe he even had a first vision.” Well now! And I should follow your ideas because you don’t believe it? Please. If you’re going to argue this, I’d prefer you keep your personal beliefs out. Back with scriptures and facts. Personal beliefs are irrelevant in an argument over what is ‘right’.

Other points: If someone is worshipping the wrong god, has another Christ (2 Cor 11:4), and has a different salvation, then whether he is right or wrong on other issues does not really matter.” And the basis for what ideas about the ‘right’ God is?

Anyways, I’ve got two chem labs to write, so I’ll be quick. My dear ‘John Doe’, good try. Quite intriguing to read. However, I have been reading things that bash Mormonism (as well as numerous other religions. Actually, there’s a fantastically mean spirited ‘Christian’ one out there that bashes EVERY branch of Christianity out there with completely false and illogical ‘arguments’. When I asked them what one they actually supported, the couldn’t even give me a straight answer)  long before I ever was a Mormon and they always seem to contradict themselves. The day I find one that makes an ounce of perfect sense, I will convert or ditch religion all together. The only thing I have found that makes any perfect sense at all is right where I’m at and I don’t foresee my leaving anytime soon…Or ever ;).

Then again, I am just a n00b ;).

Live long & Prosper!!♥

PS….Go listen to tracks off the EFY CD ‘Courage to stand strong’ on youtube. I’m falling in love with it!