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Things can change

The title of this post was told to me by a friend today and it provides me it great hope.

Once again, more changes added to an ever growing list!! And I like them all.

I was thinking; Normally I say I hate change, but whilst trolling facebook and stalking someone who I actually could care less about (I realized that mid-stalk), I realized all the changes (well, the ones I can remember) have been for the better and not just the ones made in the past almost 6  months. In the past 2 years, I have eliminated not so good people from my life, set a semi direction for my life (I got told today I plan too much and for that I’m “Such a woman” because of it LOL), given up on most of a plan that quite likely could have ended in disappointment, heart-break and resentment, found possibly the best of friends I could ask for, gained greater self esteem/confidence, found a much stronger faith than ever before, generally have become a better person, not to mention the obvious Mormon changes and plenty more…But I need sleep.

So far, change is good. And if it continues this way, I will happily welcome change with open arms. There are still many things I will change, many things I will try to change and two things I hope others will choose to change that affect my life as well as theirs.

Live long & Prosper!!♥