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So, turns out my manager got a degree in prosthetic makeup….Which I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Talking to her, I learned it’s not as hard as I thought to get a job.

Problem is, you gotta go to Vancouver to get a decent degree in it.

So I’m faced with a bit of a dilemma; Stay here,  go to U of C for Archeology/Anthropology, then, relatively feasibly, go on a mission…I’m not even sure once I get into the degree if I’ll like it.


Go to Vancouver, get a degree in something I know I love and most likely be unable to afford a mission.

Both are kind of hard to get employed in.

Oh and then there’s crazy Cass talking who says U of C first, mission, then Vancouver and get jobs alternating in both. Which is kinda feasible, except financially…I think.

I want to do both degrees, because I like both. But there’s a mission….Why is the age limit for girls so awkwardly placed? D: If I could go on a mission before university, I could do it.

Maybe I’ll talk to Bish-Bish, see if anything can be done about it, short of disguising myself as male for two years XD (‘She’s the man-missionary style’? LOL).

I don’t know what to do now….I thought my five year plan was all sorted, but I just had to get ideas….