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Fable III……

I hate to say this, I feel like I’m such a traitor but…Meh.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I just saved the world on a shoe-string budget, killed off my favourite NPC and now my husband left me because apparently I don’t get to keep the castle at the end…Even though I’m the queen. Oh and, 98% of my citizens were killed off so no replacement husbands can be found.

The map drove me insane. You couldn’t navigate by it, you just got a basic idea of the location of places.

Combat was waaaay too easy in this one. I was knocked out 3 times. In the WHOLE game. In the previous 2 I actually gave up a few times because certain areas of combat were so hard.

Male NPCs…Not amazingly good looking. So husband hunting is not as enjoyable. They all look relatively the same.

Also, a lot of the side quests are lost on someone like me. I just can’t be full-blown evil, I’ve tried, I don’t enjoy one minute of it, so there go half the side quests. The morally good side quests are all a tad boring (some of them), so I don’t feel like doing them. I suppose, maybe later during the break, I’ll sit down and do them just cause I feel like fable 3 wasn’t as satisfying as the first or even the second.

Clothing-Not enough. I’m a girl, I like to play dress up. And while I do love corsets, they get boring after a bit.

They need to change how things alter your characters appearance. I spammed my magic and didn’t get any glowing tattoos!! But I was insanely tall because I used ranged attacks so much….Being 8 feet tall was kinda…Odd…I can see being slightly taller than everyone else, but by that much?

Oh, and I never got fat this time :D.

They kinda had a basic structure that’s been reused… 1)Adventure in Albion. 2)Fight gladiator style in a Colosseum type place. 3)Board boat to other side of world. 4) Fight a bit over there 5) discover final boss 6)go back to mainland 7)after a short bit, fight final boss.

It was sooooo predictable. I liked it in the second one cause there was such a gap between I and II, it was kinda a tribute to the first. But there’s only been a year between two and three.

The final boss…While a cool idea, I didn’t like how it wasn’t a villain I knew and worked against the whole game. You knew that in the second game. But in this, first it was the tyrant king, then you just randomly take up his fight with the Crawler, which was a very easy fight.

Also, I expected an epic battle when I overthrew the King. Not just him throwing down his sword and giving up quietly.

And the second half of the game: the whole ruling-the-kingdom idea was cool, but it was very black and white. You couldn’t kinda make a bargain or have any middle ground with those who raised concerns. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

The socializing bit: Touch=cool idea, but tedious at times. In the other fables, you could select from a variety of expressions to use. In this, you have good, bad and neutral and can only choose one from each of those sections at a time. I miss the expression wheel. Powering up expressions was a good idea, but I don’t have the patience to sit the for 5-10 minutes to build up a friendship. When you got to the love stage with an NPC, the date idea was cool. But the male NPC’s are such pushovers. Here’s an idea: NPC heroes. That way, they aren’t such pushovers…Or even, main character NPCs that you can hook up with, cause those guys kick butt!

Weapons: uh…wow. Boring much? You can no longer buy weapons, you just have them? Fable 1 had craploads of weapons to choose from and now you just get sword, hammer, rifle and pistol and then like four others you find. I want a battle axe or mace!! And I prefer the bows!

And I like to think I make a pretty decent fable wife/mother. I do it all…Kinda. My hubby is a big enough of a pushover, I don’t need to stay home to cook/clean and be…Whatever that stereotypical name is…_____ Homemaker or whatever.  Cause I go adventuring, he stays at home and takes care of my kids…Well, he should. But often times, I find him at the bar >.>…That’s why I abolished alcohol. Anyways, Robert (my husband who left me) and I have one kid, very cute little boy, then I adopt this adorable kid later on. I move them to the castle when I become queen then BAM! I LOST my adopted child, but it said he was still there…What the frak?? And they once again limited the number of kids I could have…

These are just my hater comments. I do love fable, but this felt like there wasn’t much that was new. I think they were banking on the idea that fable 2 would be so amazing that not much would need to be added. But I felt it was too quick/easy, but dragged on in places it shouldn’t.

There was a lot of good. The story line was kinda cool and how it was tied into the series made me happy. But I remember reading that it would access your fable 2 saved data and base your hero off of that. I was looking forward to that!!


I also miss the kind of religious aspect…Donate at the temple of light OR sacrifice someone on the wheel of torture (gender blenders FTW!!)

If I haven’t done a good enough job ranting, here:


*geek escapes*


Yes, those all receive the same level of excitement. Why? Because I get veeery into my games, especially RPG’s. It’s not just about the quests, gold, power, etc. An example of my getting into games: When my husband died in Fable 2 near the end, as well as my children, I was very upset. My mom threatened not to let me play it if I got so upset about it. Before you go saying I’m a loser, I view games like books. To really fully understand it, you have to immerse yourself in the game, try to understand where the main character is coming from (well, in Fable, you choose where you come from but more on that later). It makes it more enjoyable than just having achievements to burn through. So yes, I get attached but no, I don’t allow the game to become so real that I focus on it more than real life. As previously mentioned, I love games where I can have a family. I think it brings a whole other aspect to game play, can’t really describe it but its one of my most favourite things.

Ok, there was a rant coming from that, but I lost it cause I was talking to a guy about selling my pellet gun. I’ll rant later!