My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

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Oh Herro!

So…Second blog started, let’s see if I can regularly update this one.

In Young Women’s (YW’s) this past Sunday, we were encouraged to journal. So I decided I’d start this one because 1) This is an on-going experience I’d like to remember, even if I don’t stay with Mormonism (But that’s near impossible), it’ll be an extraordinary learning event thing. And 2)I seriously love the layout I chose, it’s pretty ^_^

So as far as how I’ll work this, I think I’ll try posting once a week (at least) on struggles I’m having adjusting to/learning about Mormonism and being a [good] Mormon.

Quick rant on the [good]. It’s there because, yeah sure, I got baptized, now I’m Mormon, but if I continued as I was before, I’m just a hypocrite. I don’t like hypocrites.  And, in my opinion, if it’s not applied to everyday life, I’m not it.  That goes for being a Trekkie too :D.

So…Current Struggle: There’s a few. The biggest one:  Procrastinating scripture study. I’m bad for procrastinating, especially when I have NO time to do it…Like now…

Solution: I’m thinking becoming nun-like for 1/2-1 hour a night will work. No music, nothing near me. Cass will sit in a corner and read.

Do Mormons have nuns/monks/something similar? Maybe I’ll check that out…

I’ll continue with my struggles later. I’m using this to procrastinate scripture study XD.

Live long & prosper ♥