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Activity ideas

“Got any ideas for young women’s activities Curt?”

“Go play in 800 gallons of water!”

“…that’s called swimming…”

“So that’s what that is!?”


“We could cook something!”

“in 800 gallons of water!!!”

“Soup making?”


Typical Bullis Christmas

Mashed potato fight….Usually we get a hold of some pie or something. It started with spatulas, then oranges, whole and pieces, then potatoes…I got the worst of it. Every facial orifice+down my shirt


Ignore swears, bask in the rays of ‘Oh my freaking goodness, this is absolutely amazing’


I just LOL’d very hard.


I also realized the untitled posts two posts down says ‘I’m angry, eat, pray, love isn’t pRaying today’

I is funny Cass