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Quite a fascinating video. However, I still find it hard to imagine being of a minority; sexual orientation wise. But this was very well done.

I can’t exactly specify my views on homosexuality. I have friends who are homo/bi-sexual and I have nothing but love for them (not love-love, friend love…Oh this shall be confusing XD) and admiration that they have chosen to openly act in the manner they see fit. From my other perspectives: I do not believe it is right for me personally, however we have all been given agency and the ability to choose to do what we will. I’m really unsure if I support gay marriage or not. I know for sure I do not support gay marriages in the Temple, but outside…Once again it comes back to agency.

I do believe I’ve made a mildly hypocritical statement, if I’m not mistaken. Feel free to bash, but FYI I’m not good at arguing this topic, so I won’t bother defending myself.

Off topic: I just found out Leonard Cohen was married. I didn’t know that and I find it very surprising.