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So the missionaries came for dinner tonight and we’ve got a new one (who apparently completely skipped the MTC and came straight here not even two days ago…And he rocks!!!). Anyways, funny (or awkward) occurrence…Quoted from my FB:

“Mish-mish for din-dins….Yeah…Missionaries still kinda scare me….”Cass, you can sit over there if you’d like…And NO FLIRTING WITH THE MISSIONARIES!” “*looks at the Elder I’d be sitting by* I’ll try not to….*realizes I’m talking to missionaries, not regular guys* *internal facedesk*” “*Elder gives me odd look*” Happily awkwarding out missionaries since April 2010! ;D”

I think between Bro.Anon. and I, we may just completely terrorize the poor guys XD. But seriously, this is one of those times I needed to think before speaking and I didn’t. And it seems it always happens to the poor missionaries XD.

So, the reason I entitled this ‘Wow…’. When introducing me to the missionaries, Bro. anon. introduced me as ‘Our apprentice daughter in training’ I nearly dropped the water jug I was carrying. Seriously….Wow….I’m currently lacking a num pad to make a heart, but just imagine one…Or!!! ❤


*freaks out*

Due to my lack of communication, Bro. Hornberger didn’t know Bro. Hatch scheduled my home teaching for today. So Bro. Hatch came by himself. While I sat the in near silence for 2/3 of his visit while him and my mum talked, like usual my mum was a chatterbox :P, he told me about his mission to Memphis, specifically in Orange ____ or whatever, where there is a fantastic load of racial segregation and gang violence. Due to this, missionaries have been beaten, stabbed, mugged, hospitalized and sent home due to their injuries. Not to mention the unspeakable violence the citizens themselves endure (ex: a woman came to his door with the fork of a hammer through her head. I actually felt sick upon hearing this. And I don’t get queasy very easily). This got me thinking; missions aren’t all exactly a bowl of chocolate pie or whatever the saying is.

Now I’m scared to go on a mission.

And I probably shouldn’t because I think I remember hearing they don’t send sister missionaries to exceptionally dangerous places, but still.

And I’m not scared only for my mission, but all of my friends missions. I swear, if anything happens to any of them, I will find them and bring them home myself if need be….Or follow them everywhere and be their body guard or something.

Permayhaps I’m over thinking. But still, this is scary stuff.

To cry or not to cry?

Well, it seems my brain can’t decide.

I just got back from Elder Lewis’…home-going? Anyways, I was prepared to cry lots. But I didn’t…Well, until we sang ‘God be with you till we meet again’ and then I was struggling, but held it in all through the closing prayer.

Then we went into the gym (did you know it’s called a ‘cultural center’ in the Church? I didn’t!), found Elder Lewis and for a minute, I was back in April 2010, on my way to being baptized, especially when my mom was talking about how I’m going to pay student loans back while on my mission and, in traditional Elder Lewis style, he immediately (Dude….I JUST found out the proper spelling of that XD) says ‘The Lord provides a way!!’

Once again, I wish I could re-live April.

Oh crap, I’m gonna turn into a salt pillar….Looking forwards…Anywaaaaays…

I cried all the way home….Well, except through a particularly amusing exchange.

me:*cry cry sniffle* *uses kleenex*

mom:*uplifting talk about who knows what, wasn’t paying attention*

me:….can you buy me a burger?

mom:*talking, pause mid sentence*…what?

me: can i get a burger?

mom: *to mcdonalds* *drive through*

me: *cry nom nom cry* ….I just got big mac stuff on my church clothes! *dies laughing*

Anyways, more srs again, it honestly didn’t feel like 7 months since I last saw him and it certainly doesn’t feel like we’ll never see one another again. And no, it’s not hopeless optimism speaking again XD. So I don’t feel sad, but I feel…Frak if I know, I’m a girl, do I really need a reason to cry?! I cried a bit, probably cry some more tonight, I’ll be good in the morning LOL.

But now I have another reason to go on a roadtrip to California…Which brings the grand total up to…2 reasons!…ok, 3 if you c0unt the San Diego Temple (see icon photo, it’s frakking epic!).

Ok, my whole face currently hurts, I desire bed otherwise I may not get out of sis. Scott’s car in the morning XD


Just got back from Elder Drummondo’s farewell thing. I am sad. But now I have a totally justifiable reason for a road trip to California!!:D

And Bro. Hornberger has decided I need home teachers. So say goodbye to socializing with Cass!:D

No progress on the talk, I need to try to finish it tonight/tomorrow so I can get it edited