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Personal progress=Awesome

For one of the individual worth personal progress projects, I had to ask 3 people to list some qualities God has given me. While all of the answers absolutely made my day, I love how someone decided to take…A different route.



So, doing personal progress to cheer myself up, I ended up in the ‘individual worth’ section LOL (which is unusual, because they involve more than scripture reading, which are the ones I do just before Church). Irony at its finest.

As I guessed, personal progress made me feel better XD.

Live long & Prosper!!♥

* schemey fingers*

This is just a note to myself, cause I know I’ll go back in a month to reread this. I plan to finish Personal Progress by this time next year. I’ve just got to apply the same amount of willpower as I did to Scripture Masteries. I’ll also finish all those next year in Seminary!