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Let your lantern guide you

“Faith means living with uncertainty-feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.” -Dan Millman

And personally, I think that’s best. Not speaking from a religious point of view, but I think it’s just a generally good way to enjoy life. Not knowing or trying to predict every future aspect to come makes it all the more exciting. Ever done that while hiking? It makes for the most intriguing (if, occasionally messy) adventures.

You may have noticed by the tone of my posts, maybe not. But lately, I’m attempting to just let go and happily wander about for once. I’m doing good so far, I’ve had to restart many, many times.


From one of my girlies

“You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence.And that good in you must spread to others.” (BYU speeches year 1996) Playwright Maxwell Anderson put these words into the mouth of the French pesant girl Joan of Arc.” Every women gives er life for what she belives. Sometimes people belive in little or nothing, nevertheless they give up their lives for that little or nothing. One life is all we have, and we live it as we belive in living it and then it’s gone.” ( Joan of Lorraine, act2 ) I have felt grief. You have felt grief. but i can’t imagine pain greater than stepping across the veil and realizing that I had not done what I had come here to do-or realizing that I had given up my life to little or nothing, only to find it gone.


We are women who seek to hear the voice of the lord. we are women dedicated to strengthening or marriges, families and homes; women whose covenants and influence span generations; women who are not easily deceived; women of faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountibility, goodworks, integrity and virtue.. We are women who understand fully that to qualify for eternal life, we must deal with a full range of diffuculty and dissappointment here. We are free to choose how we live , where we apend our temporal, emotional, and spiritual resources, and to what and whom we devote ourselves. Of course our faith will be tried. Of course we will have tests of our will, of our endurance, of our desires, and of our determination and conviction.


It is in moments of disapointment, heartache, and loneliness that we often make decisions that forge our faith, mold our character, and fortify our convictions about the only source of lasting srength and solace that satisfies. and that is jesus christ. How can we know if we are honest, unless our honestly is put to the test? how do we know that we are filled with virtue, unless there are opportunites to choose a nonvirtuous path that we then resist? How do we know if we can bear up under challenge and trial, unless we have faced challenge and trial? and how can we expect to feel and tast the pure sweetness of the gospel of jesus christ ,unless there are times in our lives when we desperatly need and seek peace and strength to over come obsticales? Weekly we partake of the sacaremnt to renew our conenant to ” always remember” the lord ( Moroni 4:3, 5:2). Imagine how our perspective and behaviour would change if we truely always remembered Him, because remembering the Lord and remembering who we are, seem to be inseparably connected.

In the movie “The Lion King”, the lion cub SSimba forsakes his heritage and turns to riotous living after the death of his father Mufasa. But when that lifestyle fails to satisfy his inner self, Simba turns to the heavens in a moment of desperation. His father responds by appearing to him, and after listening to Simba’s attempts to justify his behaviour, Mufasa delivers profound parting words ” you have forgotten who you are, because you have forgotten me. You have become less than who you are.”

Like the lion cub Simba, we live in a complex world, one filled with choices and opportunities and also with confusion and conflicting voices. It is a world that increasingly doesn’t know God and certainy doesn’t know how ( or even belive it is possible) to communicate with God: In our world there are ongoing debates on national and international stage about topics that would have seemed ludicrous a decade or two ago, topics such as what is and is not moral, what is and what is not honest-and wether or not morality and integrity even matter. Our elected officals disappoint and even lie to us, and a proliferation of loud and conflicting voices are bent on getting our money, our support, our vote, or even our virtue. Many, perhaps most, of these voices are motivated largely by self intrest and ave no concern for us or about what is right and wrong.

” though we have rightly applauded our ancestors for their achievement… those of us who prevail today  will have done no small thing. The special spirits who have been reserved to live in this time of challenges and who overcome will one day be praised for their stamina by those who pulled handcarts.” ( Notwithstanding My Weakness,18)

So what are we to do? Life is filled with moments of joy, but life isalso hard. It is an unmistakable privilege to be her in mortality, but the burdans we carry are heavy, relentless and laden with great importance.

There are many things about mortality that I do not yet-and may not in this lfe-understand. but there are some truths about which i no longer have anydoubt, truts that i believe are keys to successfully negotiating life.

I know that the light of the truth of Jesus Christ is stronger than any kind of darkness we face here; that we each have a purpose; that understanding who we are and who we have always been is centeral to our mortal success and eternal progression; that family and the church family are where we can find safety and refuge; that while life is a test, we have magnificient spiritual privileges as members of the church to help us meet that test.

I know that, as diffucult a challenge as mortality is we are not ever here alone, because among our privileges as convenanted members of the Church  are the gift of the Holy Ghost, the power of the priesthood, ordinaces that bind us together for all time and eternity to each other and the Lord, and to a living prophet, and i know that every single one of us is vital to builidng up the kindgom of god. Of this i am certain about this i have no doubt(-sheri dew)


( from a book written by Sheri Dew called no doubt about it with a bit of my imput and i already belive and agree with everything said here even before reading it myself ) about her


(ps : sorry for any spelling mistake s i had to type it out by hand )”

I don’t feel I say this often enough, but I love my Young Women so much. It killed me to have to miss it today, because I don’t see them often and they’re as close, if not closer, to me as sisters. I love being involved with them and being able to help them in any way I can. The fact that this was posted demonstrates to me God’s power to change our lives for the better, if we let Him.

I love you my girlies, and I am honored to be able to call myself your YW’s president ♥


More quotes…With music!

Quote from Pres. Monson

I plead with you to make a determination right here, right now, not to deviate from the path which will lead to our goal: eternal life with our Father in Heaven. Along that straight and true path there are other goals: missionary service, temple marriage, Church activity, scripture study, prayer, temple work. There are countless worthy goals to reach as we travel through life. Needed is our commitment to reach them.

Thomas S. Monson

That was exactly what I needed to read right now. ^_^

*mind esplosion*

“You…Tortured me…Oh, you tortured me…” “Because I love you. Because I want to set you free.”

” The door of the cage is open, Evey. All that you feel is the wind from outside. Don’t be afraid.”

“This night is yours. Seize it. Encircle it within your arms. Bury it in your heart up to the hilt…Become transfixed…Become transfigured…Forever.”

V for Vendetta. Not that I’ve ever read a graphic novel, this is my first, (took a lot to get used to and to remember to look at the pictures), but in my opinion, I’ve just been completely spoiled because I don’t think anything will ever compare to it.

V is a heck of a lot more twisted. Evey isn’t a goodie two shoes (and she’s 16!!!). The dystopia factor is way more present. The leader (Sutler in the movie, but no name as of yet in the book) isn’t so…evil…sounding as the movie, but more…Terrifying. Does that make sense? Not evil, but scary.

Those quotes aren’t very telling without the pictures.  I’m sorry I have no scanner.

There’s a whole chapter set to this song (as in, V is singing/playing piano and as his lyrics pop up in bubbles, scenes are shown to match) and it’s amazing:

In short, I suck at giving you a description. You need to hunt it down for yourself and read to begin to comprehend the epicness.

“Authority, when first detecting chaos at its heels, will entertain the vilest schemes to save its orderly facade…But always order without justice, without love or liberty, which cannot long postpone their world’s descent to pandemonium…”

I will never be able to consume nacho cheese/cheese whiz every again. I just had some with my chips and my stomach is planning a revolution…Ugh…


‎”We all enjoy giving and receiving presents. But there is a difference between presents and gifts. The true gifts may be part of ourselves—giving of the riches of the heart and mind—and therefore more enduring and of far greater worth than presents bought at the store.”
-James E Faust

There, that just explained why 1) I love giving gifts but 2) Shopping is so extraordinarily difficult for me. I want to give everyone a piece of myself, so they can look at it and think ‘I remember Cass’. I know I do that with almost EVERY gift I’ve gotten, even if it wasn’t intended. Perfect example: Lotion. Every time I put it on, it reminds me of whomever gave it to me and makes me happy.


Going through old statuses on FB collecting some of my favourite quotes

“Love is a symbol of eternity that wipes away all sense of time, removing all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end”

“My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: You have bewitched me, body, soul and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on”