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Exceptionally satisfying…

No, it’s not chocolate (which I’m currently munching on, so I know ;D LOL).

I just found something that is really mentally and spiritually satisfying. Flat out telling people ‘No, I’m not doing that. It’s against everything I believe in and stand for, so I will not do it’. Granted, I didn’t have a strong relationship with the person who I said it to, but it was nice to say that and afterwards, I felt glad I had the courage to do it and not fear the consequences.

But I was thinking afterwards, you know, whenever faced with situations like this, most people (myself included, except this time it seems) are afraid to do this, because they’re afraid of offending people. Which is good, on one hand, it’s important to be sensitive to others, but in the long run, it’s not that great at all, because people come and go from our lives, but God does not. And if you lose one person from your life because they don’t accept your beliefs, there are 6 billion+ others out there that you could have in your life instead, but there is only one God (Yeah, that’s my wisdom-y thought for the day XD).  It’s like what…I think it was Bishop Grunewald (?) at YW’s last week that said ‘Many of us try to please God without offending Satan and that just isn’t feasible’. And he’s right, you just can’t do it.

So, I think, instead of constantly brooding on how we offended people by staying true to our morals, we should be proud that we had the ability to stand up and stay true to what we believe in and think of how proud God is of us for doing it, not worrying about who just got angry with us because we won’t go along with them. And besides, if our friends truly are our friends, they’ll respect and understand our decision…Or (even better) would not have asked us at all.

Anyways, I’m supposed to be writing scholarship essays XD.


SaHtaH quv…

Jalapeños make subway exciting. I find it hilarious that every time I bite one, I am caused intense pain, enough to actually cause a vocal reaction. It’s like Russian Roulette for the taste buds. Tasty suicide…mmmm…

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. My bestie is, once again, the ever-pestering conscience and just helped get everything back into perspective, which is good. I came to realize I was trying something out that most of me, mentally, was opposed to anyways and that, standard-wise, was far below my own. I quite possibly would have regretted it anyways. I also, once again, re-re-re-realized: Oblivious Cass is, extraordinarily, oblivious and both trusts too easily and assumes that everyone is as good as my experience, which is completely biased and nearly non-existent, dictates.

Anyways, in short; I am going back to being extraordinarily selective and living in a mental nunnery until further notice.

Oh and also, I Mormon-swear too much; it’s becoming a bad habit and at risk of becoming worse, so the slap-rule has been re-instituted, which, honestly is for the better. So if you see my bestie randomly smacking me, is all ok ;D.

new favourite band:


It has been a very *flaump* day.

Although it’s amusing because I’m not even mad at those whom it was suspected that I’d be mad at.

I’m mad at the fact that people knew it was upsetting me and let me continue to be upset, when they could have just told me and I would have been fine…

And I’m mad at the fact that I can never stay mad at my friends, even when they hurt me.

I guess I’m a pushover when it comes to them…Which might or might not be bad…

On the plus side, I’m no longer worrying, which is nice. So…one new year’s resolution semi-completed and…Approximately 3 broken. Delightful.

That’s one more completed than last year!

I just want to go back to everything being ok, not having elephants hiding in the room and being able to happily trust my friends, not worry about what they’re hiding and be able to be completely honest with them again. I have lied, plotted and done more evading of the truth these past weeks than…Well, than I ever have.

I’ma fix this.

Well my Christmas just flew out the window….

So I was supposed to go to Saskatchewan to visit my sister, Char. I was going with my sister Cris. Then last night, the brakes on their van go…Which isn’t too much of a problem for our trip, we can just take their truck.

Then this morning, they end up taking my niece to the Children’s hospital because she’s vomiting non-stop. Turns out she has some crazy virus. So they had to go home with her and put her on some meds. Now we definitely aren’t going.

And, my backup plan of flying there won’t work because flights are insanely priced.

My mom and I didn’t buy any stuff for Christmas dinner because we assumed no one was gonna be here. No family is coming in and our tree isn’t even decorated because we’ve been too busy. I have no further backup plans, I hope someone else in my family does…

And nope, can’t bus there either

Fable III……

I hate to say this, I feel like I’m such a traitor but…Meh.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I just saved the world on a shoe-string budget, killed off my favourite NPC and now my husband left me because apparently I don’t get to keep the castle at the end…Even though I’m the queen. Oh and, 98% of my citizens were killed off so no replacement husbands can be found.

The map drove me insane. You couldn’t navigate by it, you just got a basic idea of the location of places.

Combat was waaaay too easy in this one. I was knocked out 3 times. In the WHOLE game. In the previous 2 I actually gave up a few times because certain areas of combat were so hard.

Male NPCs…Not amazingly good looking. So husband hunting is not as enjoyable. They all look relatively the same.

Also, a lot of the side quests are lost on someone like me. I just can’t be full-blown evil, I’ve tried, I don’t enjoy one minute of it, so there go half the side quests. The morally good side quests are all a tad boring (some of them), so I don’t feel like doing them. I suppose, maybe later during the break, I’ll sit down and do them just cause I feel like fable 3 wasn’t as satisfying as the first or even the second.

Clothing-Not enough. I’m a girl, I like to play dress up. And while I do love corsets, they get boring after a bit.

They need to change how things alter your characters appearance. I spammed my magic and didn’t get any glowing tattoos!! But I was insanely tall because I used ranged attacks so much….Being 8 feet tall was kinda…Odd…I can see being slightly taller than everyone else, but by that much?

Oh, and I never got fat this time :D.

They kinda had a basic structure that’s been reused… 1)Adventure in Albion. 2)Fight gladiator style in a Colosseum type place. 3)Board boat to other side of world. 4) Fight a bit over there 5) discover final boss 6)go back to mainland 7)after a short bit, fight final boss.

It was sooooo predictable. I liked it in the second one cause there was such a gap between I and II, it was kinda a tribute to the first. But there’s only been a year between two and three.

The final boss…While a cool idea, I didn’t like how it wasn’t a villain I knew and worked against the whole game. You knew that in the second game. But in this, first it was the tyrant king, then you just randomly take up his fight with the Crawler, which was a very easy fight.

Also, I expected an epic battle when I overthrew the King. Not just him throwing down his sword and giving up quietly.

And the second half of the game: the whole ruling-the-kingdom idea was cool, but it was very black and white. You couldn’t kinda make a bargain or have any middle ground with those who raised concerns. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

The socializing bit: Touch=cool idea, but tedious at times. In the other fables, you could select from a variety of expressions to use. In this, you have good, bad and neutral and can only choose one from each of those sections at a time. I miss the expression wheel. Powering up expressions was a good idea, but I don’t have the patience to sit the for 5-10 minutes to build up a friendship. When you got to the love stage with an NPC, the date idea was cool. But the male NPC’s are such pushovers. Here’s an idea: NPC heroes. That way, they aren’t such pushovers…Or even, main character NPCs that you can hook up with, cause those guys kick butt!

Weapons: uh…wow. Boring much? You can no longer buy weapons, you just have them? Fable 1 had craploads of weapons to choose from and now you just get sword, hammer, rifle and pistol and then like four others you find. I want a battle axe or mace!! And I prefer the bows!

And I like to think I make a pretty decent fable wife/mother. I do it all…Kinda. My hubby is a big enough of a pushover, I don’t need to stay home to cook/clean and be…Whatever that stereotypical name is…_____ Homemaker or whatever.  Cause I go adventuring, he stays at home and takes care of my kids…Well, he should. But often times, I find him at the bar >.>…That’s why I abolished alcohol. Anyways, Robert (my husband who left me) and I have one kid, very cute little boy, then I adopt this adorable kid later on. I move them to the castle when I become queen then BAM! I LOST my adopted child, but it said he was still there…What the frak?? And they once again limited the number of kids I could have…

These are just my hater comments. I do love fable, but this felt like there wasn’t much that was new. I think they were banking on the idea that fable 2 would be so amazing that not much would need to be added. But I felt it was too quick/easy, but dragged on in places it shouldn’t.

There was a lot of good. The story line was kinda cool and how it was tied into the series made me happy. But I remember reading that it would access your fable 2 saved data and base your hero off of that. I was looking forward to that!!


I also miss the kind of religious aspect…Donate at the temple of light OR sacrifice someone on the wheel of torture (gender blenders FTW!!)

If I haven’t done a good enough job ranting, here:

The nylon rant

I don’t care what you say, but nylons do not fit fat people. They never have, they never will. Or maybe they do, but not comfortably. And perhaps even then, maybe for some they do, but they don’t fit someone with actual muscles in their legs, that’s for sure. And they most certainly don’t fit on someone with a bum.

In fact, I find nylons mildly degrading. And I don’t see the purpose in them, they don’t keep me warm or anything. Therefore, I am not wearing nylons. Ever.

A rantful thought dump

Bristol Palin.

Or all the Palins in general.

She’s pregnant at what, 17? And she’s Mormon and her mom is senator of Alaska. Big whoop. Now she’s famous? I find that exceptionally sad. What kind of image does that send to the youth of today? ‘Oh get pregnant ASAP!! Soon as you do, people will hate on you for a bit but then you’ll be famous and entertainment talk shows will have a whole feature on you!!”

That is just frakking disgusting. There should be laws on who’s famous and who isn’t, that way there will actually be something mildly decent to hear about on tv talk shows, maybe about people with actual talent. I don’t think the majority of my generation knows the meaning of that word today.

Or we should be like Britain: Yeah, you can talk about celebs, but you don’t need info on every minor detail of their lives.

Sorry, but what passes for celebrities nowadays enrages me. People like Nimoy would be looked over. Why? Because people like him don’t have washboard abs or ‘perfect’ features…But people like him actually have talent.

I say bring back the silent movie era, that’s the real test of acting ability. Anyone who can survive that deserves to stay.

Back to the Palins; What sucks about that whole situation? They’re Mormon and because of that, people will look at them and think ‘Oh! This is how ALL Mormons are!!’. Granted, we’re not perfect, but we’ve got enough crap to try and ward off that people assume about us, we don’t need any more.

I’ve got social to do now, nighty night.