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You can’t really title this….

Ok, I was reading a book I got from friends when I got baptized last night (“Trust in the Lord by Deen…”I forget his last name XD). It was talking about sacrificing things that are important to you, giving them up to and then following the will of the Lord, which helps build your trust in Him and kind of acts like the whole idea of the sacrificial altar. So I decided I’d do this.  The author talks about how he trusted the Lord and gave over his biggest desire (his career) and, by doing so, followed His will to be closer with his family. Because he did this, he later got a PhD and an even better career (along with nine children, which depending on your viewpoint, may not exactly be a blessing or it may be LOL). The writer said that although the path seemed like the wrong idea at first and it was tough, the end result is even better.

So I decided I’d do this. Because trusting the Lord’s will isn’t my strong point and it’s something I think could use improvement. Of course, being part of the generation who wants fast, sometimes instantaneous results, I decided to pick something big in my life. A lot of time and thought power has been dedicated to it, but I honestly don’t know anymore if my many years of working at it will have the desired pay-off (If you didn’t understand this yet: I’m not telling what it is outright on here. Some of you may possibly know what I’m talking about and are probably saying something along the lines of ‘Holy crap’. Yes, I just went that far). Needless to say, I was rather upset when deciding this, however, after my evening prayer I for once didn’t stay up for 2+ hours dwelling on it.

Even though, like I said on facebook, I feel like I’m getting onto the most deadly roller coaster with my eyes shut and placing my trust in the safety mechanism I can’t see, I think I made a good choice.

Live long & prosper!!♥