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*freaks out*

Due to my lack of communication, Bro. Hornberger didn’t know Bro. Hatch scheduled my home teaching for today. So Bro. Hatch came by himself. While I sat the in near silence for 2/3 of his visit while him and my mum talked, like usual my mum was a chatterbox :P, he told me about his mission to Memphis, specifically in Orange ____ or whatever, where there is a fantastic load of racial segregation and gang violence. Due to this, missionaries have been beaten, stabbed, mugged, hospitalized and sent home due to their injuries. Not to mention the unspeakable violence the citizens themselves endure (ex: a woman came to his door with the fork of a hammer through her head. I actually felt sick upon hearing this. And I don’t get queasy very easily). This got me thinking; missions aren’t all exactly a bowl of chocolate pie or whatever the saying is.

Now I’m scared to go on a mission.

And I probably shouldn’t because I think I remember hearing they don’t send sister missionaries to exceptionally dangerous places, but still.

And I’m not scared only for my mission, but all of my friends missions. I swear, if anything happens to any of them, I will find them and bring them home myself if need be….Or follow them everywhere and be their body guard or something.

Permayhaps I’m over thinking. But still, this is scary stuff.