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If that’s the case, I’m overstuffed….

…and loving every minute of it!

Before you get  confused about the title, I was reading my friend’s blog (‘Endless future’) and he was talking about how, after a point, listening to sermons and going to a Bible study just isn’t enough spiritually and you find that you are spiritually hungry and as you get older and you find this, you need to start taking some responsibility to ‘feed yourself’.

Not bashing how his Church runs or anything, but when I read that, I was so thankful that besides 3 hours of Church, there’s also Young Women’s, Seminary, 4 different books of scriptures, stake and general conferences, missionaries,, personal progress books, a whack load of talks and stuff from Church authorities and probably some more stuff I missed. We are given so much spiritual food, I almost think we are a spiritual North America when it comes to ‘food’. We have ordered all our meals supersized!!

Not saying some people aren’t feeling as though they need more, but for me personally, I think I’ll be full for a very long time.

Live long & prosper!!♥