My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

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So the missionaries came for dinner tonight and we’ve got a new one (who apparently completely skipped the MTC and came straight here not even two days ago…And he rocks!!!). Anyways, funny (or awkward) occurrence…Quoted from my FB:

“Mish-mish for din-dins….Yeah…Missionaries still kinda scare me….”Cass, you can sit over there if you’d like…And NO FLIRTING WITH THE MISSIONARIES!” “*looks at the Elder I’d be sitting by* I’ll try not to….*realizes I’m talking to missionaries, not regular guys* *internal facedesk*” “*Elder gives me odd look*” Happily awkwarding out missionaries since April 2010! ;D”

I think between Bro.Anon. and I, we may just completely terrorize the poor guys XD. But seriously, this is one of those times I needed to think before speaking and I didn’t. And it seems it always happens to the poor missionaries XD.

So, the reason I entitled this ‘Wow…’. When introducing me to the missionaries, Bro. anon. introduced me as ‘Our apprentice daughter in training’ I nearly dropped the water jug I was carrying. Seriously….Wow….I’m currently lacking a num pad to make a heart, but just imagine one…Or!!! ❤