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I opened my gigantic University envelope, to a nice big black folder with a red band and stamped on it ‘congrajulations’. Open it up to a letter saying I’m in for a combined degree of Anthropology and Archeaology and spent like a minute bawling into my sister’s shoulder screaming I’M GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!!

Needless to say, this made a rather crap day became instantly exceptionally awesome…



*mind blown*

Applying for U of C and trying to pick my area of study…Ancient/Medieval History, anthropology, Archaeology, Film, German, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Spanish, Visual Studies, Astrophysics, Classical and Early Christian Studies…Faced with the choice, I’m not really sure if Anthropology is the way to go LOL. I know a few of those choices aren’t feasible but STILL! They’d be cool to learn about…

And what is Anthro is boring? Archeology isn’t exactly feasible as a full time career. In fact, I’m pretty much going to take it for pure enjoyment of digging up history.

Maybe more prayer is needed.

Alright, Anthro is my major, Archaeology is my second choice and I’ll minor in it. Just need the application fee!!

Sweden jajaja!!

Best friend rights were invoked today and they sounded way more cool than if I were to invoke my rights so in about 5 years or so, I’ll be going to Sweden for uni :D.

Only problem, I get very homesick, more so missing my friends though, because I see them more than all of my family (not saying I won’t miss them!). But I should be ok, seeing as my best friend will be there too.

This also means that on my days off, I can go do some travelling (and like it or not, best friend is coming too *hint hint*. You drag me to Sweden, you get to come exploring!!). I wonder how easy it is to travel between European countries? Maybe I could take a week trip to France or something.

Before I wasn’t looking forward to the end of high school, but a change this radical is fantastically exciting!

Live long & prosper!!♥