My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

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*crawls out of void*

I’m baaaack!!Tres good trip, although my attempts to have it be something more spiritual kinda failed (perhaps being able to go into the Temples might’ve changed that…Or being able to go to church at all XD). But the Portland Temple was magnifico, the Cardston temple very ominous looking and the Seattle Temple unseen due to the interstate being insane. I didn’t get to even at least touch one due to construction/weddings, which, I’ve been told, is generally a good experience if you can’t get into one. I also found a much better purpose to my meditation, but it was hard to put into practice cause of many little kids and a cramped van. But I did meditate in a very peaceful garden, which was nice, however it was hard to do with the constant questions of  ‘cass, what are you doing?why are you sleeping?what’s meditation?why are you breathing funny?what does hamsa mean?can you teach me?i’m bored, this is boring”etc XD. Water rafting and dune buggies=epic fun.

I was going to rant about my being…Well…A mess…physically, emotionally, spiritually and most likely mentally, but remembering the Temples actually made me slightly more cheery (combined with the remix of the Trololo song XD). I think I just need a good dose of church, some Sacrament and a TON of YW’s…Then I’ll be good ;D.

More stories from the trip tomorrow morning( well, later today, seeing as it’s 12:30 XD)

Live long & Prosper!!!♥