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Reeeeally early morning thoughts

I woke up at 4:30 am today.

Couple of reasons for that though. One, my cat was downstairs somewhere locked in a room, so she needed rescuing. Two,  I was fully recharged considering I went to bed at 6pm….Yeah…and three, I felt I was wasting time. Look! Isn’t it exciting!? I’m gonna get my scripture bag from there. I love facebook ads ^^

Why does one need a Temple hankie? Wait, isn’t it that you need one to wave while chanting…Oh how’s it go? ‘Hosanna Hosanna, Hosanna….Something, something, something…’?

I am extraordinarily excited to wave hankies about.

Once the Temple’s built, I’m taking the bus once a month (or more, but for sure once a month) to go do temple work ^^.

I’ve decided how to manage my blogs now. This one is going back to being about mostly Mormon-only stuff, while this: is for my rants and such.



*emotional kerfluffle*

Ok, on one hand, I am bouncing off the walls at the idea that I could go to the Temple this Saturday…But on the other hand…I’m freaking terrified. I’m not quite sure of all the reasons but a few are:

1)My noobness…Yeah, I know, only way around it is to gain experience in stuff so I’m no longer a noob. But still, I’m going in pretty much blind. Only thing I know is I’ll be getting baptized for someone…Which brought up the thought: Do they know who got baptized for them? Can I meet them in the next life? That’d be very cool indeed…Anyways, but I have really no clue what’s gonna go on and I don’t like that, therefore I am scared.

2)I’m generally the type who don’t show extreme emotions in front of others…But I have a feeling I will probably cry at some point during my visit there or shortly after…The Temple, for me, is the religious…I want to say personification, but that’s not right…Bah, you know what I mean by it…of Leonard Nimoy to put it in plain metaphor for understanding purposes(not saying I view Nimoy as a giant building…I hope that just made sense). I don’t want to cry in front of anyone because I just don’t do that…

3)I’m still flabbergasted that I’m Mormon. Example:I turned to my friend the other day, with a big grin on my face. When she asked what I just exclaimed “I’m Mormon!!”…I’m still not completely used to it and the fact that I might be going to the Temple is still unbelievable.

Random thought: Do Temples have bathrooms?


This weekend has been quite awesome…Besides the fact I lost my phone…Had loads of fun when my friend had a sleepover, church was awesome, so was turkey dinner, it’s a long weekend and….I got my Temple Recommend today :D!! I’m going to the temple on the 16th…If I can get work off >.>.

I’m currently stuck in Oblivion and trying to remedy it…With leftover turkey dinner and cheats!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!♥

Missionary and Temple work ahoy!

So my home-teachers were over last night and among our discussions, we talked about the upcoming Temple trip on the 16th. Someone previously told me I couldn’t go to the Temple until a year after my baptism, but my home teachers said after about 6 months I can…Now I’m mildly confused, but I emailed the Bishop to ask about it, so hopefully I’ll find out soon. If it’s a yes, that will be spectacularly exciting however, I don’t feel that now is quite the right time for me to do this, I’ve still got some stuff to work on and I’m waiting on some answers. But this will probably help me keep my goals in mind!

The other awesome thing is that, while my mom yakked the ears off my teachers (who yakked back, which was kinda new XD), I got to look at the ‘Preach my Gospel’ handbook…Then it was actually given to me! I’m excited to read it. From what I skimmed through last night, there are some personal development things that look pretty neat.  And once I’ve learned the lessons, I can get some experience in teaching by teaching my friend them!

Also, I’m not certain yet, but recent events this week have led me to give further consideration to going on a mission. More on this later possibly. I still can’t decide what exactly I want to do after high school >.>.


This is the cause for excitement

So, to some, that’s a gigantic wall of text that seems insanely boring. To Cass, that is fuel for super excitement.

7 months, 10 days till I can get my recommend :D. Waiting for comic con was almost as exciting as this!

*crawls out of void*

I’m baaaack!!Tres good trip, although my attempts to have it be something more spiritual kinda failed (perhaps being able to go into the Temples might’ve changed that…Or being able to go to church at all XD). But the Portland Temple was magnifico, the Cardston temple very ominous looking and the Seattle Temple unseen due to the interstate being insane. I didn’t get to even at least touch one due to construction/weddings, which, I’ve been told, is generally a good experience if you can’t get into one. I also found a much better purpose to my meditation, but it was hard to put into practice cause of many little kids and a cramped van. But I did meditate in a very peaceful garden, which was nice, however it was hard to do with the constant questions of  ‘cass, what are you doing?why are you sleeping?what’s meditation?why are you breathing funny?what does hamsa mean?can you teach me?i’m bored, this is boring”etc XD. Water rafting and dune buggies=epic fun.

I was going to rant about my being…Well…A mess…physically, emotionally, spiritually and most likely mentally, but remembering the Temples actually made me slightly more cheery (combined with the remix of the Trololo song XD). I think I just need a good dose of church, some Sacrament and a TON of YW’s…Then I’ll be good ;D.

More stories from the trip tomorrow morning( well, later today, seeing as it’s 12:30 XD)

Live long & Prosper!!!♥