My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

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Dun like sheet-outs…Dun like, dun like, dun like.  And separating crazy bread.

It’s a veeery good thing I have church tomorrow or this mood would continue all week.

If it’s noted I’m updating my blog and not the social document I may get ban-hammered so nighty night.

Live long & prosper!!♥


Well that’s spectacular!

I may possibly become a workaholic because I love my job so much. Only got in trouble for being a noob once :D. And time flies when you’re doing dishes! I think I like buttering/putting cheese on/bagging the crazy bread best…I just can’t cut it to save my life >.>. However I do not like dough under my fingernails! It hurts! Or maybe that’s from trying to pull the plug out of the sink?

I also may possibly go on an insane cleaning spree. Hunks of dirt should not come off when I wash around the tap…And I don’t care what you say, TOILETS MUST BE CLEANED WEEKLY!!!

Live long & Prosper!!♥

*is nervous*

First day of work in an hour or so…Nervous, but thankfully, not as nervous as my first day at church :D. Hopefully, it all goes well!

My niece is now walking!!

I has job!!!

I start at Little Ceasers next friday!!!