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Ok, so I’m thinking of joining the SCA: medieval live-action role-playing group, and specifically as a heavy fighter. But the problem is, heavy fighting practices are thursday and sundays.

I work thursdays, Church on sundays.  Now, there could be a solution if I can convince my manager to put me on mondays instead of thursdays. Or, after Church, I could book it to the practice somehow. However, the bigger dilemma is; is it morally ok to bash at people with duct-taped bamboo sticks on sundays?

Most people would say no. I understand the rest-on-Sundays deal. But to me, rest is doing what I don’t do during the week, due to time restraints, that I really enjoy doing ie; drawing, gaming, reading, meditating, bike riding, long walks (both weather permitting), yoga, etc.

Yeah, once again, we’re back to ‘did you pray about it?’.