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I think I can do it now

Today was Stake conference. Besides just generally being awesome, a few things stuck out to me, mainly the testimonies of newer members because I find it so hard to put into words all the big thoughts crashing around in my head of what I now know to be true without just using a cookie-cutter testimony. Between the two (or was it three?) newer members who spoke and gave their testimonies, I think I found enough ideas and inspiration, as well as enough to evaluate personally, to begin putting it all into words.

However, I have found one thing that kinda brings me down (not to be negative or anything). Family sealings. It’s a marvelous thing, yes…If your family is Mormon. If they aren’t and are not open to joining it in any way (3/4 of them won’t even come to Church with me, even just to stay for my talk. Again, not being negative, just giving you the idea that it’s not really possible…Yes yes, I’m still hopeful :P), no sealings for you. Which kinda makes me sad that I won’t be with them for eternity. But there’s, as usual, this nagging sense of positivity that something better is bound to happen ;D. However, what that might be, I can’t exactly imagine.

Live long & Prosper!!♥