My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Sunday thoughts

Never give up

Never let go

Hold on

If it’s real

It’s forever.


If You Truely Love Someone

Don’t Push Them Away

Because they might Decide Not to Stay


being around you

i just laugh

looking at you

i just smile

because being with you

just makes me happy


all i know is that

when i’m with you,

everything feels like

it’s gonna be okay.


it’s weird how you say that you hate the boy who broke your heart,yet when he runs back to you, your arms are w.i.d.e open.


If you & i aren’t meant to be together, then I don’t know anything


i love how i can be a total dork around you

& you still make me feel absolutely amazing


most girls say they want a fairy tale :: but you taught me

that it’s not really what I want I want someone who will

make fun of me && laugh at my jokes even if they aren’t

funny ;; && someone that wrestles with me and doesn’t

let me win just because I’m a girl : yeah … riding off into

the sunset on a white horse would be nice ;; but playing

thumb war with you seems much better


high school changes people. some for the better,

some for the worst. but if one thing is true; you

find out who your real friends are.



you realize that you cant make everyone happy

&& you have too decide what you truly want

a n d m a k e i t h a p p e n


life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you,

they’re supposed to help you discover who you are

and maybe it’s not about worrying what’s down the road

or where we will end up.

maybe it’s enjoying where you are right now


they say school is supposed to educate you

..well, to be honest, the only thing i learned

was how to pretend like nothing’s wrong.

Same source. This is my favorite so far.

I gave my testimony today. I have noooo clue about most of what I said. I do know I tried to talk fast at one part because I felt like I was gonna cry. And the rest, I just kept looking at one of my home teachers and tried to pretend I was bearing my testimony to him, it helped me stay a lot calmer.

The Elder who gave his testimony after me reminds me of Dr.bashir from Star Trek. 

I watched the Christmas devotional tonight, very nice. That’s the first time I’ve done something religiously related for Christmas. I’m excited this year for Christmas, it means a lot more to me now. Before, I acknowledged it was Jesus’ birthday, but this time, I think it’s gonna bear a lot more weight with me this time.


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